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    I wouldn't think of Maple for being food related particularly. No more than I think of Rose as a food name because I eat rosehip jelly or sugar roses on cakes.

    But anyway, I like Saffron, Cicely, Rosemary, and, yes Maple for girls. I never thought of Hazel as a food name but I guess Hazel counts by the same logic as Maple? And Gage and Basil for boys.

    I like Pepper as a NN for Penelope (which I've heard) but I wouldn't use it alone.

    Rimona is Hebrew for 'pomegranate' and the only fruit name for girls I like that I can think of at the moment aside from Mirabelle, and really I much prefer the un-fruit-related Mirabel.

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    I remember liking Plum years ago, and thinking it was way better than Apple.

    I hear Prune is quite popular in France.

    I'm surprised no one's used Sugar yet. It's no sweeter than Honey. And there's the Marilyn Monroe character from Some Like It Hot backing it up and giving it that old Hollywood edge.

    I always thought Peach was a cute fruit name. Cuter than Apple for sure.

    I remember Punky Brewster's BFF was called Cherry. Uhhh...

    I wonder how far this will go. In 10 years will there be star babies called Bacon and Biscuit? ;-)
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    I have a secret love for Fig (and Pomeline, but that isn't the name of an actual food...)
    Also, Ambrosia is a lovely name - although it's a popular brand of custard over here...

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