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    Amusing Discovery: Food-Insipred Baby Names

    >Food-Inspired Baby Names are booming. Edible names are super hot. Among the most popular, according to Honey (up more than 100 percent last year) and Clementine (up 25 percent). As usual, celebrities are leading the way: Drew Barrymore and Jason Bateman both recently named their babies after food (Olive and Maple, respectively). "Children and food are two things people love, so it makes sense," says Linda Murray, a senior vice president at the website. "I haven't met a Cupcake yet, but I'm expecting to soon.<

    Who knew!? lol.

    I was amused to stumble across this new revelation last night while perusing my new Food Network Magazine (May 2013). Seriously that's all it said -> yet I still expect to see a spike in food related names being used by major (and want-to-be) foodies after this. (The article was accompanied by a picture - which was larger than the article - of bibs with the names Olive, Clementine, Sage, Apple and Maple).

    I know this isn't news to us but I thought it was fun to see that even food magazines are reporting on naming trends.
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