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    Possibly a great way to honor family? Does this work... :)

    Hi berries! My husband and I have been ttc and I am currently in the dreaded two week wait to find out if i'm pregnant. So what better way to keep myself busy than to pour over nameberry and make lists of names! If we have a boy we want to name him Griffin. We agreed on that name about 3 years ago, and still love it, so I'm thinking it's the name for us. BUT IF IT'S A GIRL we are in trouble! We cannot seem to settle on a name that is just perfect. We would love to use some family names for sure. Diane is the set middle name, just trying to decide on a name to go with it. We would also like to somehow use the names Ellen and Joyce (also family names). What do you think of Joelle Diane? I've had Joelle on the list for some time as a middle name option, but the idea of using it as a first name is really growing on me! I love that it is unusual, but still feels familiar, it's pretty and girly, and it honors family! What more could I ask right? Buuuuuut, I do have a few questions about it...
    How would you pronounce it? I say it jo-ELL like the letter L. Is this the common pronunciation?
    Does this name work for us if we have no French blood in us?
    What do you think of these possible nn's - Jo, Joellie Josie, Jolie?
    Does it sound weird with a brother named Griffin or does it work ok? I'm not really bothered by siblings that don't have the exact same name style, I just don't like to use one super popular name and one really uncommon one.
    Soooo, any and all opinions are welcome and appreciated!! Oh and the other option we came up with was Ellen Diane nn Nell and/or Ellie or Edie for the initials E.D. Thoughts? Do you prefer Joelle Diane or Ellen Diane? Or do you not care for either one?
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