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Thread: MN for Atlanta?

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    MN for Atlanta?

    What middle suggestions have you got for the name Atlanta?
    I know:- Atlanta-Leigh, Atlanta-Skye, and Atlanta-Louise. Any of those you like? Any go with?
    Thank you x
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    I think Atlanta is a wonderful choice, out of your suggestions I particularly like Atlanta-Skye. Some other ideas:

    Atlanta Pearl
    Atlanta Lane
    Atlanta Fleur
    Atlanta Winter
    Atlanta Bee
    Atlanta Sage
    Atlanta Eden
    Atlanta Jocelyn
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    Of the ones selected - Atlanta-Skye is the only one I like. I think it is because I don't care for the beginning L sound after Atlanta.

    Atlanta Clare
    Atlanta Reece
    Atlanta Shea
    Atlanta Rae
    Atlanta Eve
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    Will you be hyphenating it as a double first name? I like Atlanta Skye. It's very pretty. Other ideas that I think flow well:

    Atlanta Briar
    Atlanta Briony
    Atlanta Bryce
    Atlanta Deanne
    Atlanta Grey
    Atlanta Joanne
    Atlanta Leona
    Atlanta Melora
    Atlanta Tamsin

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