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    Looking for second opinions on these names:Lucinda, Elaine, Coralie, Laurel, Victoria

    Trying to find some pretty, unusual, but likable names for our future daughter. Need your feedback and thoughts on these!
    Lucinda (possible nn Lucy)
    Elaine (occasional nn Laney)
    Coralie (nn's Cora/Cori/Coral)
    Laurel (do you say lore-uhl or lawr-uhl?)
    Victoria (don't care for Vicky though)

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I like all of them except for Laurel, which I pronounce lore-uhl by the way. I have just never liked it because it doesn't seem complete to me for some reason. I prefer Lorelei or Lorraine. I really like Lucy, and Cora with Coralie. For Elaine I would do nn Lainie, just because the spelling is closer, but obviously either way works, and I really like Laney/Lainie! If you don't like Vicky with Victoria, how about Tori? I know two Victorias, one goes by Victoria (would kill you if you called her anything else) and the other goes by Tori.
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    Live Coralie and Laurel from your list! I pronounce it Lawr-uhl... Like you would pronounce beginning Laurence or Lauren...

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    Lucinda (possible nn Lucy)- love this, my favorite from your list. It seems to be the most unusual and Lucy is an adorable nn
    Elaine (occasional nn Laney)- like it, especially with Lainy as the nn
    Coralie (nn's Cora/Cori/Coral)- my second favorite on your list but I much prefer Coraline
    Laurel (do you say lore-uhl or lawr-uhl?)- lora-uhl. Don't really like it for some reason, not sure why. I like the pp's sugustion of Lorelei though
    Victoria (don't care for Vicky though)- my best friends name! love it, but I wouldn't call it unusual. I like the nn Tori. What about Veronica instead. less commen and just as sweet. plenty of nn too without the Vicky issue, Vera, Nicci, Nica, Ronnie
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    I think all of your names are lovely. Laurel is my least favorite, probably because there is no nickname for it. I pronounce it Lore-uhl.
    Victoria is gorgeous (it was my aunts name so personally I really love it). I also don't care for Vicky, but you could easily use Vix, Tori, Tora, Toria...

    A few other options for names I think fit the style you're going for are-

    Magnolia (I think Maggie is such a great nickname)
    Elodie (Elle or Elli would be so cute for a nickname)
    Lavinia (Liv, Vin, Vinnie...)
    Rosalind (Rosie, Rose, Rosa)
    Adelaide or Adeline (Ada, Addie)
    Edith (Love Edie)
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