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    I know some people see it as overdone but I think Emmeline Rose (Emmie Rose) is stunning.

    Emmie Lou is a pretty common name/nickname. Emmeline Louise or Emmeline Louisa, maybe?

    Emmeline Jean
    Emmeline Pearl
    Emmeline Mae/ Emmeline May

    Beautiful choice of first name, by the way!
    Best of luck!

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    I don't know why but I would avoid using a middle name that ends in e: Emmeline Kate Cruise There's no real reason. I'm probably just being strange.

    I think two or four syllables works best.

    Emmeline Maeve Cruise (nn. Emmie Mae)
    Emmeline Priya Iris Cruise (initials: EPIC)

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    I know an Emmy-Rose so I think an Emmie-Rose would work beautifully. Other combos which I like are:
    Emmeline Jean
    Emmeline May
    Emmeline Paige
    Emmeline Rae
    Emmeline Sue
    TTC #1

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    Another: Emmeline Belle

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    I like your idea -- Jane! Also, previous suggestions of Rose, Louise, Belle, and Mae.

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