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    Due in 1 Week, Undecided About Middle Name for Clara

    My baby girl is due in 1 week and we are thinking that her first name will be Clara, but we are undecided on a middle name. Our last name begins with B and ends with S and is 3 syllables. I love spring time and flowers, birds, etc. The lily of the valley flowers are the epitome of girly spring to me, but have not bee a fan of "Lily" for a name, though I am considering variations. I tend to like old fashioned names and names that are uncommon. Also found a trend in my tastes with names ending in "a" and "belle", though I feel the letter "b" with our last name beginning with "b" may be too much. Seems I may be over thinking this..... My husbands says his all time favorite name is Brittany. He also likes Leanna (with "ahnna" sound). Any suggestions?

    We have considered middles for Clara:

    Leanna (a name my husband likes)
    Marie (my middle name)
    Flower (my 3 yr old son's suggestion)

    Previously we were considering first names such as:

    Emmaleigh, Emmalia, Emmeline (decided that they are too close to the popular Emily)

    Lydia (DH has said no because we know someone's whose young daughter has this name!)

    Seraphina (our 13 y.o. dog is named Sarah because I loved the name Seraphina and frivioulsy used it for the dog 13 years ago by naming her Sarah!).

    We have also thought about the first name Claraleigh as a possibility, but lately have been leaning to simply Clara.

    So, any middle name ideas for Clara?


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