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    I love Caspian and Cedric! But of these two I like Cedric with Leo the best.

    Caspian Hugo, Cedric Alexander, and Cedric Evander are fantastic!
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    Thanks everyone

    After being in a name bubble with just myself and Rich, it's nice getting some outside opinions!

    @G, I'm hoping I might be able to sneak Felix in as a possible middle, but my partner's childhood cat was named Felix and that association is just so strong for him...never mind that the cat grew so big everyone called him "Fat Cat" in the end!
    I also agree with with Caspian being a lot of name next to Leo, I think we're leaning more toward 2 syllables again.
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    I like all of your choices but I would love to meet a little Cedric. That would make my day. Caspian is cool, but it's way too Narnia for me.
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    Rowan Alexander would be my pick. So handsome!

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