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    Is Savvy a nickname for safari

    Is it? Does it work?

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    I personally would hate to be called either. Neither sound like a name to me. Savvy means to understand something well, and a safari is a trip in which one observes wild animals in their natural habitat. I would be embarrassed to be called either, sorry.

    How about Savannah or Sofia?

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    Safari is not a name for a person. I went to school with a girl named Sarvary (prn Sa-vha-ree) and people called her "Safari" all the time. Savvy could be an acceptable nickname for Savannah, although all the Savannahs I know go by Sav for short.

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    I don't like Safari as a name for a person, either. Some word names work, but this one just doesn't. Savvy could work for Savannah if you're looking for a way to use that nickname and to incorporate the African nature concept.

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    ...Or if you're looking for something unique, Saveria would work. I know one personally and close friends sometimes call her "Savvy/Savi."

    But it would work.

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