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    I adore your name style. As for your husband's suggestion of Lena, you may be interested in the name Annalena/Anna-Lena? It's fun to say (whether you are pronouncing it LEE-nuh or LAY-nuh), and may help break your actress association.

    Top Tier:

    Sybilla nn Billie: I've probably told you this before, but I'm all about just-Billie. Billie is so playful and different and laid-back. I do have Sybilla on my own list too, but I have Billie Beatrix listed as a separate name that has made it into my own top ten favorites.

    Zara: Not a fan of this, because the pronunciation is ambiguous. Does it rhyme with "Sarah" or "aura"?

    Emerald: I remember another thread of yours about this name a month or so ago. It was an odd coincidence, because the night before you posted it, I had thought up Emerald too, and had paired it with two names on my own list: Shyla Emerald and Essie Emerald. I think "glamorous" is the best word to describe middle-name Emerald.

    Roxana nn Roxy: Seriously, like a week ago I added "Roxie" to my own list! I'm all into nickname names, so I find Roxy more interesting than Roxana, but I do like both. I also like Roxina, another alternative you might like, but I really prefer just Roxie/Roxey/Roxy.

    Beatrice nn Bea: I see this used so much on here that it no longer interests me. :/ I once found it enchanting, but now find it drab. I find Beatrix slightly more interesting because of the X, especially as a middle name.

    Lucilla nn Lux: Neutral on this one. Not a name I would personally consider, but not a name I dislike. I prefer Lucille. But...I ADORE the name Cilla...just Cilla, strike the Lu. Cilla sounds so grown-up, but would be adorable on a little girl.

    Vivien nn Vivi: This lacks something that your other name choices have. I think it lacks charm. I mean Vivien is nice, but...not as remarkable as your other names. It seems like Viviana or Vienna have more of the charm that your other names have.

    Claire: I've always found this so sweet and pretty sounding. It sounds shiny and pearly and pink and classy.

    Second Tier:

    Gillian: Well, I love Jillian, and find it underused. I also love just Jill. But Gillian looks like it should be pronounced GILL- (as in fish's gill) ee-an. This spelling also loses the nursery-rhyme Jack-and-Jill feel that is kind of fun.

    Laura: This would be refreshing on a child. It's not my taste, but if I saw a girl named Laura I would be pleased that her parents chose an unexpected name.

    Eva: Never cared for this because I've always gotten the pronunciation confused. EEE-vuh, EVV-uh, or AY-vuh?

    Miranda: This is one of those names that I would give to somebody else's child if I were offered naming rights, but would not give to my own (no idea why). It just doesn't feel like "my" name, but if I stumbled upon an abandoned baby, I would give her the sweet and unexpected name Miranda before turning her over to the police or child services to find a home. Then I would cry and adopt her and she would be my Miranda, probably. I think I may have had a dream about naming an abandoned baby this, actually....

    Tabitha: Tabitha and Agatha have both made it onto my list as "curiosities" that I will probably not use only because I have so many other names that I love, but something about them appeals to me. Ancient, familiar, easy to pronounce and spell, but hardly ever ever ever used.

    Lydia: I know an Amish woman who named her baby Lydia. Now it is an Amish name to me. Nothing wrong with that.

    Rachel: Seems too tame for your list! But I do like it. Rachelle seems more like you though!

    Prudence: I really like the "Pru" sound. Not into virtue names because they feel too wordy to me, but I like the Pru-. I like Prunella.

    Diana: This is all British royalty to me, and all Greek goddessy to my husband. I like that it has two different vibes. But I only know one Diana, and she is middle-aged, which causes me pause.

    Third Tier:

    Marianna: All double-barrel names and smoosh names are cool.

    Aria: Meh. It has a pretty sound, but nothing about it really catches my attention.

    Virginia nn Ginny: On my list too, even the nickname! LOVE this. Love the state (honeymooned there, Colonial Williamsburg), love the word, love the Christmas connection ("Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus") and love the adorableness of Ginny. Gosh, this should probably be moved to my top ten. I really do love it.

    January: This will forever look like just-a-month to me, not a girl's name. It just doesn't describe a dimpled, giggling little girly to me.

    Petal: This could grow on me, but it would take time.

    Cana: This is very interesting. How is it pronounced--CAY-nuh or CANN-uh? I think I like it, though the ambiguity of pronunciation would deter me from using it.

    Eve: I feel like this lacks substance. I think Eden feels more substantial, and offers vivid imagery.

    Monica: I would love to see Monica used. I don't think I've ever personally met a Monica in my whole life. You may also like the French variant Monique ("mo-NEEK").

    Wilhelmina nn Mina: Much too clunky for my taste. It doesn't flow at all to my ear.

    Marcella: Isn't this the name of the girl in the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories? That's cute! But it's a sad story...if I remember correctly, the character was named/styled after the author's only daughter, who died very young.

    Iris: I have a poor personal association with this name, but I think that were it not for that, I would really like this. It would possibly even be on my list.

    Chrysanthe: Not my style at all. But I would totally do just Chrissy.

    Sally: On my list too, but I'll never use it. I love it because of the little Sally on Peanuts--Charlie Brown's sister. SOOO cute on there, and I love the Christmas Peanuts movie so much that I had to put Sally on my list. But in reality, when I hear the name used by actual people, I always picture an overweight middle-aged woman. :/

    Names I love that are unusable, for one reason or another:

    Anastasia: You may like Stacia or Stacey
    Elizabeth: You may like Lilibet or Elspeth
    Susannah: You may like Sosie or Zanne
    Josephine: You may like Thomasine
    Ana: Annalina, Annabelle, Anna-Rosa (<<current personal name crush)
    Anneke: Annessa, Annora, Aniska
    Dolores: Dolly, Dorothy, Doris
    Helena: Heloise
    Elsa: Elsabet, Elsabee
    Ingrid: ?
    Lena: Annalena, Lenora
    Elisenda: Elissa, Brenda
    Katriel: Keturah, Meriel

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    Top Tier:

    Sybilla nn Billie- Not a big fan of this name. It reminds me of the movie about Sybil, the lady with multiple personality disorder (am I dating myself???). Billie reminds me of "Billie Jean"... but maybe that's not a big issue these days...
    Zara- Love, love, love this name! It doesn't work with our surname, but this would be a top on my list. It's classy and cute, while still being easy to say and spell.
    Emerald - Very cute as a middle name.
    Roxana nn Roxy- Ok, I'm not sure what your style is, but I LOVE it! This is a top name for me, but I'm not sure if I can ever talk the husband into it (even though he's Persian... you'd think he'd love the nodd to his ancestors). Roxy is a very cute nickname.
    Beatrice nn Bea- I'm up in the air on this one... but I do love the nodd to "Much Ado About Nothing."
    Lucilla nn Lux- Not a fan. Any variations on Lucy just make me think of "I Love Lucy."
    Vivien nn Vivi- Very cute. I also like the nn Vi.
    Claire- I like it, but it's just so popular these days.

    Top picks from Tier 1: 1. Roxana 2. Zara 3. Vivien 4. Claire 5. Beatrice 6. Lucilla 7. Sybilla

    Second Tier:

    Gillian- Not a fan... it's not as classy as the previous ones...
    Laura- Noooooo! It's just so Plain Jane (or Plain Laura, as the case may be). I feel like this name was used to death among my generation.
    Eva- I like it, but it's so overused. Eva and Ava... both are just too common..
    Miranda- Never been a fan, sorry.
    Tabitha- Love! It's so underused... and Tabbie could be a cute nn.
    Lydia- I like this one... but... it's really overused. Lily, Lydia, Layla, Lila, Lilia... Aghhh... make it end!
    Rachel- I like it, but it's just too blahhhh.
    Prudence- It has "Prude" in it. Highly caution against this name.
    Diana- Ok, it's alright. Not a fan, but also not highly opposed.

    Tier 2: 1. Tabitha 2. Rachel 3. Diana 4. Lydia 5. Eva 6. Miranda 7. Prudence

    Third Tier:

    Marianna- Meh. Ok, I guess.
    Aria- This was a fav for years... but it's also quite overused these days.
    Virginia nn Ginny- Love this... especially given Harry Potter.
    January- I know a January... and it's a great name... but I'd use it as a middle name. It is also not really a professional sort of name. While it was great on a teenager, I'd find it strange on a lawyer.
    Petal- Not a fan. Too close to pedal and peddle.
    Cana- Not a fan.
    Eve- Cute... not a fav, but it's ok.
    Monica- Lewinsky? Might be a generational thing. This name has a bit of a negative connotation to me. What about Mona or Mina?
    Wilhelmina nn Mina- Not a fan of Wilhelmina. This is a name that I think you'd have to really be able to own... like be tall and gorgeous and ridiculously successful... but a short, fat girl with acne would be too awkward. I do, however, love the name Mina. What about just naming her Mina?
    Marcella- Not a fan.
    Iris- Why in the world is this not in your first tier? This probably won't work with my surname... otherwise, I'd definately name my daughter Iris. It's short, cute, and classy, plus it would grow up well. I also think of the Goo Goo Dolls song.
    Chrysanthe- Not a fan.
    Sally- Not at all a fan.

    Tier 3: 1. IRISSSSSSSSSSSS! I think we can stop there.

    Names I love that are unusable, for one reason or another:

    Anastasia- Love.
    Elizabeth- A good, classic name.
    Susannah- Oh Susannah, now don't you cry for me, 'cause I've gone to Alabama with a banjo on my knee. Too backwoods for me...
    Josephine- Love this name. Jo is a cute nn, and very "Little Women".
    Ana- It's ok.
    Anneke- Not a big fan, but it's ok.
    Dolores- No... it means sadness...
    Helena- Love. Very classy!
    Elsa- Cute... but not as good as the others.
    Ingrid- No. Not nearly as cute as the others.
    Lena- Sorry, I highly dislike this one.
    Elisenda- Ummm... what?
    Katriel- Come again?
    Lots of names ending in -ana (Luciana/Juliana/Mariana, etc.)

    -I love Luciana, Christiana, and Emiliana. I'd also recommend Felicity, Vera, Cosette, Margot, and Maryam/ Miriam.
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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    From your list, my favorites are Vivien (although I prefer it spelled Vivian or the french version Vivienne), Claire and Aria.

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    My favourites from your list...
    Sybilla nn billie, Roxana, Virginia (conditional nn Ginger... Not a fan of Ginny), Wilhelmina (LOVE... Prefer nn Willa to Mina but Mina is also cool!) Marcella, Dolores, Anastasia, Emerald... I think these names are beautiful and unexpected...Elizabeth and Josephine are stunning classics!
    I like Beatrice, Vivian and Tabitha too but they feel more expected and tired for some reason...

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