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    I adore your name style. As for your husband's suggestion of Lena, you may be interested in the name Annalena/Anna-Lena? It's fun to say (whether you are pronouncing it LEE-nuh or LAY-nuh), and may help break your actress association.

    Top Tier:

    Sybilla nn Billie: I've probably told you this before, but I'm all about just-Billie. Billie is so playful and different and laid-back. I do have Sybilla on my own list too, but I have Billie Beatrix listed as a separate name that has made it into my own top ten favorites.

    Zara: Not a fan of this, because the pronunciation is ambiguous. Does it rhyme with "Sarah" or "aura"?

    Emerald: I remember another thread of yours about this name a month or so ago. It was an odd coincidence, because the night before you posted it, I had thought up Emerald too, and had paired it with two names on my own list: Shyla Emerald and Essie Emerald. I think "glamorous" is the best word to describe middle-name Emerald.

    Roxana nn Roxy: Seriously, like a week ago I added "Roxie" to my own list! I'm all into nickname names, so I find Roxy more interesting than Roxana, but I do like both. I also like Roxina, another alternative you might like, but I really prefer just Roxie/Roxey/Roxy.

    Beatrice nn Bea: I see this used so much on here that it no longer interests me. :/ I once found it enchanting, but now find it drab. I find Beatrix slightly more interesting because of the X, especially as a middle name.

    Lucilla nn Lux: Neutral on this one. Not a name I would personally consider, but not a name I dislike. I prefer Lucille. But...I ADORE the name Cilla...just Cilla, strike the Lu. Cilla sounds so grown-up, but would be adorable on a little girl.

    Vivien nn Vivi: This lacks something that your other name choices have. I think it lacks charm. I mean Vivien is nice, but...not as remarkable as your other names. It seems like Viviana or Vienna have more of the charm that your other names have.

    Claire: I've always found this so sweet and pretty sounding. It sounds shiny and pearly and pink and classy.

    Second Tier:

    Gillian: Well, I love Jillian, and find it underused. I also love just Jill. But Gillian looks like it should be pronounced GILL- (as in fish's gill) ee-an. This spelling also loses the nursery-rhyme Jack-and-Jill feel that is kind of fun.

    Laura: This would be refreshing on a child. It's not my taste, but if I saw a girl named Laura I would be pleased that her parents chose an unexpected name.

    Eva: Never cared for this because I've always gotten the pronunciation confused. EEE-vuh, EVV-uh, or AY-vuh?

    Miranda: This is one of those names that I would give to somebody else's child if I were offered naming rights, but would not give to my own (no idea why). It just doesn't feel like "my" name, but if I stumbled upon an abandoned baby, I would give her the sweet and unexpected name Miranda before turning her over to the police or child services to find a home. Then I would cry and adopt her and she would be my Miranda, probably. I think I may have had a dream about naming an abandoned baby this, actually....

    Tabitha: Tabitha and Agatha have both made it onto my list as "curiosities" that I will probably not use only because I have so many other names that I love, but something about them appeals to me. Ancient, familiar, easy to pronounce and spell, but hardly ever ever ever used.

    Lydia: I know an Amish woman who named her baby Lydia. Now it is an Amish name to me. Nothing wrong with that.

    Rachel: Seems too tame for your list! But I do like it. Rachelle seems more like you though!

    Prudence: I really like the "Pru" sound. Not into virtue names because they feel too wordy to me, but I like the Pru-. I like Prunella.

    Diana: This is all British royalty to me, and all Greek goddessy to my husband. I like that it has two different vibes. But I only know one Diana, and she is middle-aged, which causes me pause.

    Third Tier:

    Marianna: All double-barrel names and smoosh names are cool.

    Aria: Meh. It has a pretty sound, but nothing about it really catches my attention.

    Virginia nn Ginny: On my list too, even the nickname! LOVE this. Love the state (honeymooned there, Colonial Williamsburg), love the word, love the Christmas connection ("Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus") and love the adorableness of Ginny. Gosh, this should probably be moved to my top ten. I really do love it.

    January: This will forever look like just-a-month to me, not a girl's name. It just doesn't describe a dimpled, giggling little girly to me.

    Petal: This could grow on me, but it would take time.

    Cana: This is very interesting. How is it pronounced--CAY-nuh or CANN-uh? I think I like it, though the ambiguity of pronunciation would deter me from using it.

    Eve: I feel like this lacks substance. I think Eden feels more substantial, and offers vivid imagery.

    Monica: I would love to see Monica used. I don't think I've ever personally met a Monica in my whole life. You may also like the French variant Monique ("mo-NEEK").

    Wilhelmina nn Mina: Much too clunky for my taste. It doesn't flow at all to my ear.

    Marcella: Isn't this the name of the girl in the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories? That's cute! But it's a sad story...if I remember correctly, the character was named/styled after the author's only daughter, who died very young.

    Iris: I have a poor personal association with this name, but I think that were it not for that, I would really like this. It would possibly even be on my list.

    Chrysanthe: Not my style at all. But I would totally do just Chrissy.

    Sally: On my list too, but I'll never use it. I love it because of the little Sally on Peanuts--Charlie Brown's sister. SOOO cute on there, and I love the Christmas Peanuts movie so much that I had to put Sally on my list. But in reality, when I hear the name used by actual people, I always picture an overweight middle-aged woman. :/

    Names I love that are unusable, for one reason or another:

    Anastasia: You may like Stacia or Stacey
    Elizabeth: You may like Lilibet or Elspeth
    Susannah: You may like Sosie or Zanne
    Josephine: You may like Thomasine
    Ana: Annalina, Annabelle, Anna-Rosa (<<current personal name crush)
    Anneke: Annessa, Annora, Aniska
    Dolores: Dolly, Dorothy, Doris
    Helena: Heloise
    Elsa: Elsabet, Elsabee
    Ingrid: ?
    Lena: Annalena, Lenora
    Elisenda: Elissa, Brenda
    Katriel: Keturah, Meriel

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