View Poll Results: Which is your favorite for Josephine's sister

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  • Eliza

    32 38.10%
  • Camille

    15 17.86%
  • Hazel

    13 15.48%
  • Aurelia

    13 15.48%
  • Ada

    8 9.52%
  • Charlotte

    30 35.71%
  • Flora

    15 17.86%
  • Evelyn

    20 23.81%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    husband is stuck on one name... suggestions

    If our baby, due in October, is a girl, my husband is unwaveringly insistent on Vivienne. It's a fine name, but the name of a friend's daughter (that friend is also currently our realtor) and I just don't feel comfortable with that. Even if not for that connection, it just wouldn't be my top choice. My list currently is: Eliza, Camille, Hazel, Aurelia, Ada, Charlotte, Flora, and Evelyn. Our daughter's name is Josephine. Thoughts on those eight names? Suggestions of a fresh name that we might both love? Ideas of how to sway him away from Vivenne?

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    My first thought is Evangaline. It had the "V" like Vivienne and it's also similar to Evelyn. Whenever I see or hear Vivienne the Vs stand out to me so other names with v in them seem similar to me such as,
    ~ Elisabeth Odelia "Elsie" ~ Gideon Boone ~
    ~ Adelheid Ruby "Addie Rue" ~ Theodore Solomon "Teddy"~
    ~ Casilda Josephine "Cassie Jo" ~ Zaccheaus Westley "Zeke" ~

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    I agree that Evelyn and Josephine sound like they were meant to be sisters, but something about Flora really caught my attention and, although it's very much not my style .... I couldn't help but keep coming back to it for Josephine's sister. I can't really say why -- it just seemed like such a sweet set that made my heart melt a little bit.

    Violet is also a great suggestion from pp. If hubby would go for that, it would make a great sibset. So would Ruby.

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