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Thread: Qetsiyah

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    I like the meaning/background. I don't mind the spelling.

    But is it more or less usable than Ketzia?

    Or would it be better to use Kezia/Keziah and push for a pronunciation of keh-zee-uh rather than keh-ZYE-uh? Would Kezia be easier to see as kez-ee-uh than the -iah ending?

    And does anything with a Q not followed by a u need to be a MN at most, because as a FN its just too hard?

    What do you think when you see Qetsiyah?

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    I think this one may be too complicated. Fwiw for me Kezia is keh-zee-ah
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    Yeah, any time a Q isn't followed by a U, it seems a bit out-of-sorts. Ketzia is a nice name, though. Or what about Ketsia? I like it... maybe because it reminds me of the name Kestia (alt form of Alcestia).
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    The spelling is a mess... It's kind of a nightmare... How about Kestrel like the bird... Spell Kazia/Keziah the traditional way... Ketzia.. is ok

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    Kezia/Keziah is really pretty. I honestly was unsure on how to pronounce Qetsiyah.

    Qetsiyah reminds me of the name of that child actress, Quvenzhané Wallis for some reason, haha! (Probably because people have trouble pronouncing her name, too.)
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