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    I thought of some of the suggested names but not others. Part of our challenge is fitting a name with her two elder sisters who both have classic names. Husband opposes nicknames as stand alone names, I am not a huge fan either even if I do love tge nickname. So Penny alone is out.

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    Virginia nickname Ginny would be pretty classic, or Linnea nickname Linnie.

    Or if you're willing to really stretch you might be able to nickname a Josephine, Penny. (Josephine = Giuseppina = Penny).

    Or I've met Hispanic women named Lupina. Or Spencer if you like unisex surname names?

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    Penina/Peninnah/Pnina is an option for Penny that is a fairly obscure Biblical girl's name. It's not kreative but I'm not sure I could call it classic in English. (It's more well-known in Hebrew).

    Lupe/Lupina is pretty.

    I really like Penelope though.

    Classic with a lot of nicknames, with the nicknames listed from my favourite to least favourite:
    Rosemary - Romy, Rory, Rosie
    Elizabeth - Libby, Lilibet, Lilibeth, Liz, Ellie, Bette, Betty, Beth... and more I can't think of right now.
    Marguerite - Maggie, Daisy, Rita, etc.
    Susannah - Susie, Suki, Sanna
    Katharine - Kitty, Kay, Kat, Kate, Katie, Kathy. I like Catherine NN Cat, though I would have no problem with a Catherine being called Kate, I don't think using Catherine means you need to C-ify Kate/Katy etc which just looks awkward. Katarina adds nicknames like Reina and Trina.

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    Persephone reminds me of Penelope and you could still use penny.
    Josephine - I've heard people suggest Penny as a nn for this.
    Calliope - don't know about Penny, but I think if you like Penelope you might like this.

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    Calliope andpenina are ones I hadnt considered yet, let me think about that one. Husband not a big fan of Josephine. I like Persephone too, but probably more inclined tonuse Percy as a NN with that.
    We are considering Marguerite as a MN (depending on First name choice) to honor our grandmothers, but maybe we ought to revisit that as a first name.

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