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    Literary Names

    I'm a writer, and I love to read. I decided semi-recently that some names deserve a mention. And I want to do that via boys' middle names.

    1. Hugo (Victor Hugo- I'm not really a fan of Victor. I think it's the tough sounds of the "C" & "R" that turn me off.)
    2. Emerson (Ralph Waldo Emerson- Not into Ralph or Waldo. lol)
    3. Henry (Henry David Thoreau & Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

    What do you think of Henry vs. Thoreau? I feel like Thoreau is a little too much, but I'm not totally opposed to it. I think David is too common to really make this specific connection.

    Also, when I searched for Thoreau, Walden came up too. I hadn't thought of that. Does Walden sound too...geeky? It makes me think of Walter, a name that I don't really like. It's only a mn, but would it be a name that a kid would be embarrassed by? Would any of these be embarrassing for a kid to admit to?

    Thanks for your input!

    Searching for new names to love

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