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    Thanks everyone for posting your opinions. Wow, Aurra that's a lot of work! I had hoped that this post would encourage some Berries to consider names that were previously cast aside due to popularity. I wish we could all have a crystal ball to "predict" what the future holds for the names we love but sadly we don't really know. I hope this thread sheds some light on the notion of "popularity". You don't have to kill yourself in trying to find names out of the top 1,000 in order to be "unique".
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    Celianne makes a good point about distributions. For example, Brinley is ranked as #525, which according to the list would be 1 in the school, but in my small town and its one elementary school, there are at least 10 Brinleys.

    Still, the overall point remains clear. I don't know a single Henry, of any age, in real life, but I've already taken it off my list for being "too popular" because I hear it here on Nameberry all the time.

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