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    Great article.

    It's so hard for people to understand how much name popularity has changed in the last 20 years.

    We immediately think that the #1 name is akin to the Jennifer's we grew up with, when it's really nothing like it.

    And people use one or two limited experiences and expand them to the entire country. "Well, there are 2 Olivia's on my daughter's team so that means Olivia is the new Jennifer and no one should be caught dead using that name unless they want to sentence their kid to being Olivia O. for the rest of their natural life."

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    @dindlee - I think Nameberry is "a world of its own" and many parents eliminate perfectly fine classics because they have a skewered view of what's happening in the real world due to the names that crop up here more frequently.
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    Interesting post, and I think her examples reinforce the importance of regional popularity. "You've probably never met a Kyla." I've taught four in the last three years, haha.

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    As someone who's been in a class is 3 Erics and 2 Joshes, who knows at least 5 each Emilys, Sarahs, Jessicas, Matthews, Jacobs, Johns, and Jameses, I'd have to disagree with this. My personal experience is that the popular names are concentrated in certain areas. Yeah, in a world where names on the most popular lists are evenly distributed among the population (as this blog's model suggests), it's irrelevant and somewhat silly to knock a perfectly good name off your list because it might be too 'popular.' But the world doesn't have an even distribution of names, so staying away from the incredibly popular names, especially if you've encountered a good number of them yourself, is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

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    Thats a good article. My name was not super popular when I was born. I believe it was out of the 500s that year. And yet mysteriously I grew up in a class of six of us with the same name. Sometimes it really is random. And I knew people who had a top ten name and they were the only one.Plus, I never cared about having to use my last initial. It never bothered me growing up. I personally think people are getting to caught up in the numbers. If I love a name that is #35 right now, then I am absolutely going to use it.

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    This is a great post! I agree totally that we have a somewhat twisted view of popularity here on Nameberry. My own sister was born with a top 10 name when she was born, and we yet to run across another one of her age!
    Some of my evolving favorites:

    Hermione Grey - Lola Meredith - Matilda Charlotte - Meredith Eloise - Verity Kate - Violet Athena

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