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    Dev as a nickname - what's a good full name?

    As I contemplate back up names "just-in-case", I realized that I like Dev as a nickname but definitely do not like Devon as a ful name. What other names are out there that could have Dev as a nickname? I thought of Devereaux but to me that sounds more feminine than masculine and I'm not sure it would work for us (even though I really like the sound of it).

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    How about Devlin?

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    Hmm..Devlin still sounds feminine to me. Maybe I'm over-thinking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    How about Devlin?
    As long as no one you know has or will ever see the awful Adam Sandler film "Just Go With It."

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    THAT'S where I've heard it from! OK - Devlin is definitely out. I knew there was a reason I thought it felt like a girl's name.

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