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    Which sister name goes best with Lottie and why?

    Lottie & Delaney (Lainey)

    Lottie & Brooke

    Lottie & Zoe

    Lottie & Jolene

    Lottie & Bryn
    Lottie and Zoe.
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    I think the names you have picked are a little too trendy to go with Lottie. Other suggestions are:

    Lottie and Eleanor
    Lottie and Isobel
    Lottie and Ella
    Lottie and Amelia
    Lottie and Imogen
    Lottie and Sophia
    Lottie and Alice
    Lottie and Ava
    Lottie and Esme
    Lottie and Felicity
    Lottie and Amelie
    Lottie and Elsie
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    Love Lottie and Eliza or Eloise!

    How about Eloise Cordelia to honor Elizabeth and Cori?

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    I like Brooke, but it's not a perfect match, I like the suggestions of:
    Adaline/Adalia/Adelie (Addie or Lia) - Lottie and Lia or Lottie and Addie
    Tessa - Lottie and Tessa
    Annie - Lottie and Annie
    Violet - Lottie and Violet
    Amelia - Lottie and Lia
    Jane - Lottie and Janie
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    I like Eliza and Eloise with Lottie the best. Lots of nick name potential with these names also.
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