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  • Hartley Amias

    6 16.67%
  • Hartley Carr

    5 13.89%
  • Hartley Galloway

    2 5.56%
  • Hartley Jericho

    2 5.56%
  • Hartley Keene

    8 22.22%
  • Hartley Lorenzo

    8 22.22%
  • Hartley Mars

    1 2.78%
  • Hartley Walsh

    4 11.11%
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    Which Middle for Hartley?

    I am loving the name Hartley for a boy. I am not super happy that I am seeing it pop up on so many girls, but what can you do! Girls: there are lots of lovely GIRLS' names! Leave the boys' names alone! That being said, I have a couple of middles I am considering. Most of them would honor family and two are just for sound! If you want to leave comments too about what you think about Hartley in general, I would be interested. To me, it is perfect name (love the nicknames Hart and Lee) except I feel that kids are bound to call him "Fartley" or "Hart the Fart" or something lovely like that. Also, WDYT about it being used as a girls' name? I have a brother named Sheridan, and although it is also used on girls, it never was a problem. My husband wants to get to Lee if possible.... Other first names we are considering: Baxter, Berkeley, Clyde, Clive, Leander, and Zeller. Our last name rhymes with "Talon"

    Hartley Amias (just for sound and meaning)
    Hartley Carr (my brother, grandfather, and great grandfather)
    Hartley Galloway (just for sound)
    Hartley Jericho (my mother's nickname)
    Hartley Keene (a combination of my MIL Kathleen and mother's middle, "Eileen")
    Hartley Lorenzo (to honor my mother, Laura)
    Hartley Mars (my name!)
    Hartley Walsh (MIL's maiden name)
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    Favorite Boys' Names: Hartley, Clyde, Amias, Ambrose

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    Hartley Lorenzo is interesting! I like Hartley

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    I think Harley is fine for a boy. And I love the mn Galloway! I also like Gallagher.

    Wdyt of Huxley? Similar and still gets the the nn lee! Kingsley (my sons mn), Eleazer (has the Lee sound in it), Kipling could be Kip or Lee.

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    Not a fan of Hartley. It seems too unisex to me. Names ending in ley or ly seem feminine to me.

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    I think Hartley does have a much more feminine sound, but could work for a boy. I like nn Hart and Lee; I think most kids will get over the hart/fart thing before too long, but Lee is pretty teasing-proof. Since Hartley is unisex, however, I'd stick to a mn that is more distinctively male. I love the sound and significance of Hartley Keene. I also think Hartley Lorenzo and Hartley Walsh. I like Carr, but find that repeated "ar" sound a bit too prominent.

    That said, I prefer Baxter, Berkeley, and Leander over Hartley. Berkeley and Leander could get your husband to Lee, and all three sound more masculine to me. Berkeley Carr, Baxter Keene or Baxter Lorenzo, Leander Walsh all sound great.

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