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    Is Cora a stretch for nn for Corinne?

    Love Corinne...HATE Cori for a girl. I can't think of any other nn that goes with Corinne, though. Thoughts?

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    I think Cora is a perfect nickname for Corinne! Others are... Rin, Ori?
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    I think Cora definitely works as a nn for Corinne, Some other nicknames might be Coco & Connie,
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    Agree! Both Corinne &Cora are great names and Cora absolutely works as a nn but keep in mind most nn are determined by playmates and school friends making Cori the name likely to stick.

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    Cora and Corinne are both beautiful but I don't think Corinne needs a nickname, especially a name as solid as Cora. I think Corinne is fine on its own. It doesn't need shortening. It's only two syllables.

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