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    If you had to draw up a list of names to rename yourself?....

    Inspired by the most recent nameberry blog I began to think about the names that I felt fit me personally or that I could see myself wearing/would like vs the names in my list for future daughters...and I found it a pretty interesting exercise! I was a bit surprised to see that most if the names i would like myself are names that are very popular and also a bit random the first ones that popped into my head that I would feel very comfortable wearing...

    Lily (this is a consideration fur mn for future daughter)
    Ruby (another mn consideration... Wouldnt use it as fn for future daughter due to popularity)
    Isabel (never considered this for a future child)
    Anoushka nn (Ana) (an exception on list in that its not popular... I couldn't use this for a future daughter as a friend if mine has an Anoushka)
    Matilda (this is my daughters name and I could see myself with this name)

    Names on my list for future daughter
    Lucia (could see myself wearing this)
    Clementine (this too)
    Scarlett (this too)

    Do you think you should only consider names you feel fit you or you could see yourself wearing? How drastically do your lists differ?

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    I would rename myself any of the names in my signature. But I don't know if any of them fit me. I've been imagining them so long on another person iykwim. It is one of my "rules" though for picking a name- Would I want to live with this name?
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    I must be one of the few who never considered it consciously when picking my daughters name... Happily I've just discovered that it is a name I'd personally love to live with! But I actually feel some of the other names on my list are not names i'd love myself in practice!

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    This is a great forum topic, fluzie! I just realized recently that thinking through whether I would could wear a name myself is a pretty good test of whether a name should make my list. Granted, my daughters are not going to be exactly like me, so I don't think it is necessary to only put names on one's list that one could personally wear. In general though, I think that is a pretty good test of a girl's name. At this point, my list is mostly comprised of names I would wear myself with a couple exceptions.
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    Considering I already have a list. :P They are: Alena, Adriana, Gabriela, Natalia. Others that were on that list varied from Emma, Victoria, Alexandria, Jasmine, Melody, to Alessandra, Elena, Aria, Alexandrie, Seraphina and Vittoria.

    Every one of the names in my girls list I'd use on myself. That's how I pick them out, if I wouldn't like being named it, I don't put it on my future daughters list.

    As for names that I feel fit me:

    To name a few, lol.
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