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    bailibsmum Guest

    Red face eekk stuck with boys names..

    So thinking more & more about names as we might start TTC.. x

    Think we may have girls name ( not 100%- might be making a post up about girls names in the girly section in a few days!!)

    Anyway... Were Considering using Xavier.. (Well its defo going to be the fn we think)

    However we are stuck with middle names now..

    DF wants Phoenix in the name..

    So far i have come up with:

    Xavier Damon Phoenix, Xavier Phoenix Mitchell & Xavier Phoenix Logan/ Xavier Logan Phoenix..

    we like unusual names.. but we are getting a bit stuck.. any help would be fab! As im now fed up with bleeding looking.. x

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    Xavier Phoenix is one of the combinations I love and actually have on my own list. I love how it starts with an X and ends with an X. I wouldn't pair it up with Logan though. Xavier (Professor Charles Xavier), Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Logan (Wolverine) are all characters from the X-Men comics. Having all three names come from the comics is a bit much.

    Xavier Damon Phoenix is ok.
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    bailibsmum Guest
    Ohh!! Are they really!! see shows how much i take note of things i forgot about logan!! lol

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    Xavier Phoenix is pretty cool. I agree with uselesskitty- the beginning and ending with X is very nice. I personally wouldn't do two middles as I think Xavier and Phoenix are quite the pair, but Xavier Damon Pheonix would be my choice from your options.
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    bailibsmum Guest
    My other 2 have 2 middle names also and i don't really want one without as it seems to be kinda tradition now lol.. (Damon is only cos i like vampire diaries) lol was looking for some other possibilities as i am stumped atm..

    i came up with Mitchell as i thought it would sound not too bad but saying it out loud it doesn't sound that fab!! lol its also 1 of my brothers middle name. But there hasn't been another Name Like X + P to go with our surname - stevens.

    This is hard!! xx

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