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    Maxim vs. Maksim and middles

    What do you think of Maxim/Maksim? Which spelling do you prefer? Do you prefer Maxim nn Max, or Maksim nn Max/Mac?

    What do you think of...
    Maxim Daniel/Maksim Daniel
    Maxim Leonard/Maksim Leonard

    Other suggestions for a middle? Maybe something related to Norse mythology, my fiance really like the name Thor, but I don't think it works with Maxim/Maksim.

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    I prefer the Maxim spelling. It reminds of Maxim de Winter from Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. I think Daniel and Leonard both work, though I prefer Daniel. I don't really like Thor at all.
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    I prefer the Maksim spelling, it just seems so much more rough-and-tumble and adventurous to me. As far as nicknames go, I like Mak/Maks. Maksim Daniel is nice, but I don't really like Maksim Leonard.
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    I've honestly never been able to get behind Maxim due to its... less than desirable, erotic associations (condoms, local strip clubs, mens' magazines, etc.). Maksim is better, but still not quite my style. Maksim Leonard seems to have the best flow out of the two options.

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    I only had the Maxim association with the men's magazine, and was only slightly worried. I think I am more worried about Maksim being thought of as a made-up spelling. But even so, neither of these things worry me enough not to use the name.

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