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    I think Glenn, Phillip, Robert (nn Robbie), Richard (nn Ricky), Harlen, and Wallace (nn Wally) would be great first. I typically have very traditional taste, if that makes any difference. I don't really care for Victor (watched too many reruns of Despicable Me, haha), but it would work nicely as a first name, too. Harley reminds me of motorcycle gangs and teen moms so it's not a name I would ever use.

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    Phillip and Victor would be usable imo.

    And although I really don't like Robert or Richard, they are probably usable too.
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    javad Guest
    Phillip, Victor and maybe Harlan could be pretty solid first names IMO

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    The only ones I would say no to are Glenn and Eugene. Those are really, really dated to me. I like Wally as a nickname for Walter, Walden, or something of that sort.

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    Robert and Phillip are perfectly usable although nms. I like Eugene (Gene) but it does connote nerdiness and also I personally would be a little uncomfortable with the meaning and its etymological connections to concepts like eugenics.

    If you choose Wally, definitely go with a longer name. In some places, 'wally' is slang for basically an idiot i.e "he's a bit of a wally, isn't he?" I like Wald names, like Walden.

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