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    Ideal age to finish having children

    Do you have an age in mind that you would like to be done having children? What are the reasons? Complications associated with age? Too big an age gap between kids? Want freedom at a relatively young age?

    Personally, I've always said I don't want to be pregnant past 35 due to the automatic "high risk" associated. I don't want to push the envelope in that respect. That said, I'll be 32 next month and currently ttc #3. I would love to have 4 children with at least 2 years between. That math gets a little tight 😉. It's had me thinking about only having 3 or pushing my age limit a little higher. It's nothing I lose sleep over, just beginning to ponder and wondering if others ponder too.

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    I want to start having kids at 26, and plan to have absolutely no more after age 35, purely because of the potential complications, just not worth the risk. I also want 4 kids, with a fairly substantial age gap between them. (Preferably 4/5 years, we are considering adoption for a 4th) I am hoping for the first at 26, 2nd at 30, and 3rd at 34ish. If life works out perfectly and all that jazz!

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    I used to say I wanted to be done by 30, but that number is quickly coming up, so now I don't know.

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    I'm in my mid twenties and unless there are major changes, this is to be our last child. *If* we were to have one more, I'd want to give birth before the age of 28. I want to be done having kids by then. That said we are planning for the baby I'm currently carrying to be our last, my DH and I are perfectly happy with this, and the only thing that will change it is if one of us felt unfulfilled with just two children. This is why we'd ideally love for this baby to be a boy, but we won't be disappointed if we end up having a girl. I know he/she isn't here yet, but it feels like our family is now complete.

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    My husband has always said that he does not want to have a baby after he turns 37 (I'll be 36). That way, our youngest child will be 18 when we retire at age 55 (54). Now, we got married really young and have plenty of time to have as many children as we want, but if time weren't on our side I am sure we would see things differently. From a medical perspective, I personally wouldn't have any problem having children in my late 30's or even early 40's. I'd say that 45 is where I'd draw a definitive line, there are just too many risks to mother and baby at this point.
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