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    I see what you are saying. I know a family that has a "Benjamin" and a "Sam" and I find it strange that they mixed and matched, so to speak. I love the previous suggestion of Charlie, Sam and Leo. I also like Charlie, Sam and Milo (even though it is a popular name right now.) My favorite girl's name was Hattie. I love it with Charlie and Sam. Good luck and congratulations!

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    Love Jack, Nate, Liam, Owen and Ben for a boy. For a girl, Hattie, Molly/Mollie, Ella, Tessa, or similar.

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    I think Charlie & Sam mix well...especially with any girl name as I feel style continuity matters less!

    It's a hassle, but you could always change their BC names to Charles & Samuel or Samson if they feel more versatile to you.

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    Lots of good ideas and I like

    Jack and Leo for a brother (or John) and Toby and Harry and of course James, suggest Harry James, Toby Edward, Jack Archer, Leo Sebastian
    Isla, Anna, Molly, Milly, Meredith, Jane, Tessa, Lucy
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