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    I agree with previous posters who said that you don't have to use a nickname for your third. You just have to find a name that flows and preferably one that doesn't lend itself to an obvious nickname. You mentioned Nathaniel, which is too long with nickname options, but what about Nathan? Charlie, Sam and Nathan sounds great. Here are some other suggestions
    Charlie, Sam and Max
    Charlie, Sam and Leo
    Charlie, Sam and Jake
    Charlie, Sam and Luke
    For girls:
    Charlie, Sam and Rose
    Charlie, Sam and Lila
    Charlie, Sam and Mila
    Charlie, Sam and Julia
    Charlie, Sam and Maya
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    I like Jack Leo and Finn
    With Sam and Charlie

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    Quote Originally Posted by xan View Post
    Charlie, Sam, and Nathaniel (but Nathaniel feels too formal with the first two)
    What about Nate instead of Nathaniel? Charlie, Sam & Nate all have a similar degree of formality to them.

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    With Charlie and Sam, I would do:

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Firstly, I think Charlie and Sam are fine and very handsome! I don't think you should feel pressured to use another nickname name, especially if you don't love them. And I don't know where you are in the world, but I'd recommend looking at the popularity charts for England and Wales as there's currently a trend for vintage nicknames

    Daniel and Isla are my favourites from your lists, but there's also:

    Charlie, Sam & Harry
    Charlie, Sam & Liam
    Charlie, Sam & Finn
    Charlie, Sam & Jack
    Charlie, Sam & Oscar

    Charlie, Sam & Evie
    Charlie, Sam & Lily
    Charlie, Sam & Lucy
    Charlie, Sam & Milly
    Charlie, Sam & Poppy

    I just have to say that these are fantastic suggestions!
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