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    Charlie and Sam are fine as they are, don't worry about giving them Charles or Samuel. I do like Samuel but I find Charles too old man, like Prince Charles.

    For boys, you might like Alex, Jack, Toby, Rory, Luke, Jake, Liam, Harry or Adam.
    For girls, I don't think it really matters if you use a longer name.

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    I'm assuming you in live in the USA? As in the UK where I am nickname-names are more commonly used than formal names. I know and have heard of loads of Charlie's and Sam's but know only a couple of Charles' and Samuel's. I think you need to take a 'British' view on this and ditch the whole worry of feeling boxed in by your son's names not being the formal choices. Don't dwell on this fact! It's common you're in Britain and every other boy is called Sam and Charlie ; )

    Your ideas...
    Charlie, Sam, and Alex - it works yet I think Alex almost feels forced onto the sibling set. I'm more of Alexander fan compared to just 'Alex' as a stand alone name.

    Charlie, Sam, and Nathaniel - I think Nathaniel is too long for Charlie and Sam. A gorgeous choice. Just doesn't work. Nathan maybe?

    Charlie, Sam, and Daniel - It works yes Daniel is the formal choice but I think because their all short, simple names; the sibling set works!

    Charlie, Sam, and Archie
    Charlie, Sam, and Alfie
    Charlie, Sam, and Max
    Charlie, Sam, and Leo
    Charlie, Sam, and Harry
    Charlie, Sam, and Henry
    Charlie, Sam, and Ben
    Charlie, Sam, and Milo
    Charlie, Sam, and Jack
    Charlie, Sam, and Liam
    Charlie, Sam, and Jake

    Charlie, Sam, and Isla - I think Isla feels to 'modern, unique, exotic' for Charlie and Sam which are rather simple choices.

    Charlie, Sam, and Iris - It works Iris is a cute timely vintage name and works effortlessly with Charlie and Sam. Three brilliant vintage choices.

    Charlie, Sam, and Elisabeth - Ellie works in this sibling set whereas Elisabeth just feels far to formal.

    Charlie, Sam, and Lila - She works with Charlie and Sam, Lila has a lot of spunk and seems to mirror Charlie and Sam really fashionably. I think combinations is great.

    Charlie, Sam, and Harriet - I think Harriet despite her formality works effortlessly in this combination just because Harriet has this really British upper-crust aura. She seems to go with Charlie and Sam because their also popular British baby names. The theme of Britain runs through this sibling set perfectly. I think Harriet works so well. I also love Hattie.

    Charlie, Sam, and Millie
    Charlie, Sam, and Daisy
    Charlie, Sam, and Alice
    Charlie, Sam, and Beatrix
    Charlie, Sam, and Ella
    Charlie, Sam, and Anna
    Charlie, Sam, and Evie
    Charlie, Sam, and Molly (not a fan but this name may appeal to you and is super popular in the UK)
    Charlie, Sam, and Amelia
    Charlie, Sam, and Mia
    Charlie, Sam, and Effie

    Hope this helped x
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    I like Will, Jack, Max and Ben with Charlie and Sam. I think that if it's another boy, you should go with another nickname name so that they all go together. Or a short, less formal name. If it's a girl, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Many people like different styles of names for different genders. I don't think the boys would mind their sister having a longer, frillier, more formal name as much as they might question their little brother having a name so different than theirs. I think as long as the boys' names go together, your girl's name could be different. If that makes sense??
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    I don't think you have to stick with nn's for either another boy or girl.
    You could branch out a bit with short but full names.

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    I think you actually have a lot to work with here! Charlie and Sam do sound great with Alex. Daniel isn't bad, but not ideal for the sibset. Nathaniel does sound too formal, but Nathan might work.
    other ideas to go with Charlie and Sam:
    Jack, Lee, Luke, Drew, Ty, Ben, John, Blake, Clarke, Cody, Jake, Gabe, Shawn, Troy, Zack, Gus, Teddy, Chase, Chance, Theo

    As for the girls, the only one I'm not sure really "goes" is Elizabeth. What about just Beth?
    other ideas:
    Anna, Claire, Leah, Grace, Marie, Mia
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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