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    Dilemma: now egretting using nickname names for first two children

    Hi all. I've been lurking on these boards for a couple of months now, but have only just created an account.

    Here's my dilemma. I have two boys named Charlie and Sam--that's it. It started with Charlie. We thought about giving him the "full" name Charles but didn't like it. We figured we'd just call him Charlie anyhow, and Charlie works well as a stand-alone name, so we went with just Charlie. Then we had our second boy. Again, we loved Sam, but didn't like Samuel so much. So he was just Sam. Now, I'm about 32 weeks with my third (not sure of the gender), and I'm regretting that we didn't use more formal names for the first two because I find them tricky to match.

    I feel boxed in with Charlie and Sam, especially when it comes to boys names. There isn't really a third male nickname-name that I love, and everything else that I like feels mismatched to me. I tend to like old-fashioned names.

    Husband doesn't have much input AT ALL, and I'm feeling pretty stuck on this.

    My only real ideas so far have been:

    Charlie, Sam, and Alex (but I don't love Alex)
    Charlie, Sam, and Nathaniel (but Nathaniel feels too formal with the first two)
    Charlie, Sam, and Daniel (again, formality issue)

    Charlie, Sam, and Isla
    Charlie, Sam, and Iris
    Charlie, Sam, and Elisabeth nn Ellie
    Charlie, Sam, and Lila
    Charlie, Sam, and Harriet nn Hattie

    Ideas? Suggestions? I'm really at a loss here, and I'd love some input!

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