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    GREEK NAMES: Drop your least favourite!

    I personally love all things Greek, especially Greek names, so I thought this would be a fun game to play! All you have to do is choose a name from the girl section OR the boy section that you dislike, and delete it from the list. You may want to search the name to see how to pronounce it. Here are the lists:

    Alexa, Bronte, Cassia, Demi, Evangeline, Filomena, Gaia, Hermione, Iris, Junia, Katherine, Leda, Magdalena, Neoma, Ophelia, Phoebe, Roxane, Selene, Theora, Ursa, Vernada, Xena, Yannia, Zoe

    Atticus, Bastian, Calix, Demetri, Elias, Flavian, George, Hermes, Icarus, Jonas, Kristopher, Lucas, Maximos, Nicholas, Orion, Phoenix, Rodion, Sebastian, Theodore, Venedict, Xander, Yeranos, Zale

    (I found the names on Nameberry, which said they were Greek.)
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