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Thread: To get to Evie

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    Evelina is gorgeous.

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    I love Evangeline. It's on my list! Also consider Vera... an unconventional nickname, but it still works. Evian (if you can get over the water brand!), Evander or Everly are other options.

    Evangeline works best, but I think a Vera could go by Evie easily and it would be very cute!

    Or you could go for something similar. I knew the cutest little girl named Eden who went by Eddie. Adorable. Edie would be a similar option.

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    Love Evie! I have Eva nn Evie on my list, but I think Eve, Evangeline, Genevieve, Evelyn, Evelina/Eveline, Evadne, etc. are wonderful options. I also like Ever nn Evie, but it's a totally different style.

    I think something with the initials EV would work, too. Elise Victoria, Estelle Vrai, Emmeline Violet, etc.
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    Evangeline is my favourite, I know one in real life who goes by Evie 99% of the time. Gorgeous.
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    I knew an Evelina in high school.. let's just say we're gonna stay away from that one hah. I really loved the idea of having her initials be E.V. and calling her Evie. Anddd, I truly love the name Eden but I just couldn't get it past my SO. who knows we have a whileee though so maybe it'll sink it.
    Thanks everyone!

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