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    Henry Martin- a solid classic, can't go wrong
    Tobias- loads of vintage charm, even a bit spunky
    Walter- another classic, soft and sweet. Walter was always my favourite of Anne and Gilbert's children in the Anne of Green Gables series
    Charles- same as Henry

    In order of my favourites (but all are great):

    1. Walter
    2. Tobias
    3. Henry Martin
    4. Charles

    Dorothy- a bit stodgy and old-fashioned for me
    Lenora- it sounds a bit off because I'm more used to Leonora. No, not too close to Lillian
    Cecilia- frilly, feminine and elegant.
    Beatrice- vintage, old-fashioned charm and with wonderful royal and literary connections.
    Eleanor- strong, sturdy and classic. beautiful and again with all sorts of great eponyms
    Agnes- it seems a bit old-fashioned, but I know one and she wears it really well
    Genevieve- nice, a Nameberry love, but for some reason I don't love it
    Sabrina- more modern-sounding than most of your other choices, but pretty and feminine
    Alice- sweet, simple, pretty classic
    Esther- a bit heavy and harsh for me
    Adelia- lovely variation on a familiar name, but I find Adalia even more magical
    Clara- never liked this, sorry- a bit cold to me
    Coraline- cute, but not sure it ages well. Caroline is beautiful
    Penelope- spunky and sweet, with a modern sound but tons of history.

    My favourites:

    1. Beatrice (tough choice between this and Eleanor though!)
    2. Eleanor
    3. Cecilia
    4. Adelia
    5. Sabrina

    Your list made me think of Matilda right away- I think it goes so well with Beatrice and Eleanor! Imogen would go well too.
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

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    Thanks for your great feedback bonfireazalea
    Beatrice is one of my faves , was vetoed by SO on last bub, but maybe he can be worked on over the next couple of years - ha ha
    That failing, he loves Eleanor so this is a solid choice- just wondered whether it went well in a sibset with Lillian.

    I think I prefer the Adalia spelling too- love nn Ada

    Funny you should mention Matilda ... DD was 'this' close to being called this .
    Unfortunately I don't think Tilly and Lily work as a sibset =(
    Imogen is lovely but have 2 different friends with daughters called this.
    Proud mama to Lillian Gwynaeth (Lily Gwyn/ Lilou) (12/2012)

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    You've gotten a lot of feed back on the names themselves, so I'm just going to throw out my favorites in a sib set with Lillian and add a couple suggestions.

    I love Henry Martin. Henry and Lillian would make an adorable pair!
    I love Charles equally as much and Lily and Charlie may be one of the cutest sib sets I can imagine. The possibility of Lily and Charlie push Charles over the edge for me. While I love Henry, I am head over heels for Lily and Charlie.

    Lenora is gorgeous, I think Leona would be another fabulous option.
    Cecilia Lenore would be stunning and I can definitely see Lily and Ceci as a sib set. ADORABLE.
    Beatrice Lenore is another lovely option and Bea is so sweet. Lily and Bea is totally cute!
    Genevieve is one of my favorite names and Genevieve Cecile or Genevieve Joyce would be beautiful. Even Genevieve Lenore. Plus there is an abudance of great nickname possibilities. Evie, Eve, Vi, Gigi, Gen...Lily and Evie would be a total standout for me.
    Alice I love this name and Alice Cecile is beautiful as is Alice Lenore. I don't love the lack of a nickname to go along with Lily, but Alice is such a standout you really don't NEED one. Lily Gwyn and Alice Lee would be cute.
    Clara is one of my favorite names. It's also lacking in the nickname options, but Lily and Clara would make a fabulous pair. I love Clara Joyce and Clara Cecilia.
    Coraline Cecilia or Coraline Joyce would be stunning. I can totally see Lily Gwyn and Cora Joy. I love Coraline. It's a bit more on the rare side. It's really a stunning name.

    A few other ideas-
    Clementine -Clem is a cute nickname and Clementine Joyce is lovely.
    Evangeline -Evie, Eva, Eve, Angie, Van...lots of great options with nicknames. It's a really lovely and solid name. Lillian and Evangeline look and sound lovely together as do Lily and Evie. Evangeline Joyce is beautiful.
    Caroline -Lillian and Caroline go together so well. And Caroline Cecile is such a sweet name.
    Pearl -Lily and Pearl would be the sweetest sib set. And Pearl Cecilia is cute. I also really love Pearl Beatrice and Pearl Penelope.
    Delphine -Lillian and Delphine just feel like a natural pair to me. Delphine Lenore and Delphine Alice or Agnes would both be lovely.
    Lydia -Lydia is just such a gorgeous name. I love Lydia Joyce and Lydia Esther.
    Lavinia -This is quickly becoming one of my favorites. And Liv, Vin, Nia, Vinnie, and Viv would all work as nicknames. Lavinia Lenore is beautiful. Lavinia Beatrice is also a total standout. And I love Lavinia Claire.

    You have such lovely names. I'm sure you will come up with an absolutely stunning sib set.
    Good luck!
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    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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    As a Cecilia myself, I can vouch for the name. It's not too close to Lilian at all, especially since most everyone defaults to Celia after a while anyway (I don't even notice, actually; and for the record, I NEVER go by CeCe, and I think Celia takes second place on the nickname ranking for my name.)

    Tobias is an awesome name, but so is Henry Martin. I love your entire girl's list, but I don't think Agnes, Beatrice, Eleanor, Esther, or Genevieve would work too well with Lillian.

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    From your list, I love Cecilia and Clara. Cecilia Joyce and Clara Joyce both have a nice flow.

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