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Thread: Macsen

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    I just stumbled upon the name Macsen, and I can't tell if I love it or not. I've said it aloud several times, and I'm starting to think it's unbelievably awesome. We're looking for a boy name for our 3rd baby to match with Heidi and Rhys, so this will be added to our list, for sure.

    What do you think of Macsen (I see Maxon/Maxen as a variant on Nameberry, but I originally saw it on BehindTheName as Macsen, which I think I prefer)?

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    It is awesome, but will be viewed as a trendy misspelling. Still, it might be so cool to be worth it.
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    At first glance I thought you had butchered the spelling for Mason, but after looking at it again I kind of like it.
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    It reminds me of Maksim/Maxim, which I love.

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    Macsen is a real ancient name that happens to resemble some current trends. I like it a lot, and think its usable partly b/c the trendy sound. Macsen is cool, but yeah, many people will be surprised to hear that you didn't make it up.

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