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Thread: Baby #4

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    Baby #4

    I'm posting for my brother and sister in-law who are expecting their 4th child. They have a daughter named Sophia Kristine, a son named Landon Scott, and a daughter named Ava Alexandra. They're not planning to find out the sex of this baby. They're pretty set on Greyson for a boy, but aren't too sure about a name for a girl. I think they're kind of regretting using Alexandra as Ava's middle name and are actually considering naming this baby Alexandria even though they've already used Alexandra. So my question is what are some names that are similar to Alexandria in style and sound? I've suggested Alexis and Alexi, but they weren't too fond of those. Some other names they have on their list are Gabrielle/Gabriella, Savannah, Addalynn, and Adrienne.
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    Savannah is my favorite.

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    I know an Alexia, maybe that fits?

    What about:


    Gabriella is pretty, and fits the sibset
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