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    Looking for a name - brother for Barthelemy?

    It's my best friend's case - they're expecting their second son and asked me for advice. I'm asking you, Berries.
    My friend is jewish, her husband is Dane and they're looking for some kind of compromise between those two naming traditions. Name can be jewish or scandinavian, but not too 'niche' - so Elijah is OK, but Uriah or Asa no more. The same with scandinavian - Stellan would go rather than Kolbjorn.
    With their first son they found the solution naming him Barthelemy (nn Remy) Joshua.
    Now all the suggestions would be truly appreciated!
    Also girls names as gender isn't 100% sure yet.

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    And name what about the name which isn't typical jewish or scandinavian, but somehow matches these traditions and older brother's name? When they were waiting for Remy, I remember Roman was also considered - something like that?

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    As far as girls go, have you thought about Noa? It's Hebrew - and very popular in Israel. I like it because it has a short kick like the Scandinavian Siri - a variation of the Hebrew Sarah/Sarai.

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