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    I do like Sullivan nn Sully. I love Thatcher, it was on my list, I decided not to put it up due to some people with strong options on it, because of the late Margret Thatcher. I still love it!

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    I've met a little girl named Everest, though I think it would work better as a strong boy's name- Like Everest Reid.

    Also since you live by the beach, Ocean would be a really cool and masculine boys name- Like Ocean Maverick, Ocean Blaine, or Ocean Leif.

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    "Cillian" is pronounced with 3 full syllables: "KILL-ee-an".
    Similar sounding names with 2 syllables: Cian "KEE-an"; Ciaran "KEER-an", Cianan "KEE-nan"

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    Hey did you know leif can be pronounced with the long e? As in leaf. Sounds pretty cool that way and has a nature sound! Osheen or Indigo would be my suggestions.

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    Maverick has always been one of my favorites.

    I saw you have Sayer, have you thought about Saylor? I know it's used for girl&boy. My friend had it as one of her choices, she didn't know the gender until birth... but decided on Poppy for her daughter.

    Hampton, Briggs, Lennox, Thatcher, Rhykurt
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