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    Husband wants a "Junior" -- help!

    My husband's name is Daniel Lucas. Apart from being popular, it's actually a pretty name. Despite this, however, I HATE the idea of naming our son after him. I want our son to have his own identity, you know? I do not like the nickname Danny. I have a coworker named Danny. My husband is called Daniel only - never Danny. Calling them both "Daniel" would get SO confusing. Lucas is an "okay" name but I don't like the idea of calling our son by it. Luke is a much prettier name, in my opinion. All I can think of when I hear Lucas is the TV show One Tree Hill and the sour candy. Luke isn't even a "great" name to me -- I think of St. Luke's hospital, which is likely where I will deliver. The worst thing I can think, though, is the idea of having him called "Junior". Makes me cringe! Hubby said we can call him "DJ" which is just as bad. Bleh. I know I'm being picky, but I just can't get my head around the name! My uncle is a Junior and there was major financial repercussions when he got into drugs and stole my grandfather's credit card info.

    I don't mind using either Daniel or Lucas (or both!) as middle names for a child --- I just need to find a boy's name that he likes as much as he likes his own name.

    Right now, my boy name list is scarce. I like the name Evan and hubby is "okay" with it -- but it's slowly starting to lose appeal for me for some reason. My FAVORITE boy name is Declan and he HATES it. >.< I tend to like softer sounding boy names. Hubby likes top 10 names - Daniel, Lucas, Alexander. I like names that are more unique. As far a girl name, Molly is our favorite at the moment.

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    Well, if he's set on a Junior he's probably going to be hesitant or critical of anything else. I definitely think that if you feel strongly about not using his name that you explain all your reasoning and get him entirely on board. If it's still in the realm of possibility, he'll hold onto it.

    Do you dislike Dan also?
    If he was named Daniel Lucas you could totally call him Luke?

    But if you really aren't happy about either name, then don't use it.

    Other suggestions for softer names that straddle popularity
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    Is the "junior" title killing you here? You could do like my cousins and use Daniel Lucas II. I think it is a very nice name. You could call him Lucas, which I love!

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    My only suggestion is to use Niel/Niall/Neil or Dane as a nn for Daniel, although they don't appeal to me anywhere near as much as Daniel or Danny, personally.

    If you are really against it, I would tell him. Naming is supposed to be a compromise, and with a jr., you're not compromising. He's doing it all. I honestly love both Daniel and Declan, but it seems like neither is a viable option for you, so I would say something along the lines of how you don't want a jr., you'll take Declan off the table if he'll take Daniel Lucas, Jr. off the table, but you're willing to use either Daniel or Lucas as a MN for him. And have him come up with a list of 10 names he likes/loves. And you come up with names as well, or whatever process works best for you. I think you just need to move past the brick wall called Daniel Lucas, Jr. Once you do that, hopefully he'll be helpful and open to other options. I think Evan and Gavin are great suggestions for a compromise between Declan and Daniel/Lucas/Alexander, though.
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    Do you think you could talk him into something like Nathaniel? It's similar to Daniel but still different. I would ask him to make a list of names (other than Daniel Lucas) that he loves and go from there.

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