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    Double middle name for Gabrielle?

    This is our dilemma, my husband has a choppy 3 syb last name. D'Agata, we changed our minds a dozen times and now picked a new name, Gabrielle for our daughter (born 4-12) We are having an issue picking a middle name, we are trying to honor GMs names Virginia Irene and Maria Leonore (we are thinking of using Marie and Eleanor) there is also and Lily in the mix that Husband keeps trying to sneak in b/c its his GMs name. (our son is already named after his fam so Lily is not a requirement)

    First name

    Middle name pick 2

    I feel so frustrated b/c i think we are close and then I get comments from family/friends and I just want to feel confident of this name for her. It was so easy for our son, this is getting so annoying and no fun.


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    Gabrielle Eleanor Eirene or Gabrielle Marie Lily.

    Eirene is greek form of Irene and I like ti much better than Irene.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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