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    Honestly, none of these are striking me as contenders for the "true-possibilities" list. I like each of your Top Four better than any of these choices, and personally I would put Caian and Caius at the top of your "just-in-case" list, along with Conrad. I think Halston (I like Nameberry's listed meaning "hallowed stone"), Lionel, Anselm (I prefer this to Ansel for you) and Adair (I really like Adair--more as a middle than a first, though) would be good additions to a back-up list. To me, each of these comes close to matching the ususual-but-not-outlandish, ancient-but-usable, international air, infused with a bit of mystery, that each of your Top Four choices possesses.

    Osias is cool but a bit cumbersome; Amias is similar but better. Cyril is so little-used outside of England (as far as I know) that it strikes me as a very British choice. I have also always thought it sounds kind of wimpy, sorry. I do like its origin and meaning. Aldous is a bit cumbersome and more typically Germanic than your other German choices. Errol and Alton seem insubstantial beside some of these others. I might warm to Amaury/Amari (these names are sound-alikes with separate origins, are they not?) For you, I'd probably choose Amaury. Amari looks a little incomplete with that final I, and recently it's being used for girls as well as boys in the U.S. (Well, so is Adair ).

    Some choices from my boys' names master list that might appeal to you:

    Reuel (Names ending in L won't sound so good with your surname, though)

    Best wishes!
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    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

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    Oh, wow, mischa posted while I was working on my reply! I may have to nab some of those for my own list. I see that we overlapped one name--Tarquin. Maybe it's The One!
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Our little Bump is due Jan-Feb 2018! Contemplating:
    Tobias ~ Jedidiah ~ Ransom
    Elanor ~ Deliverance ~ Polly

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    Thanks for the replies everyone!
    @ciottolo- I like the suggestion of Altair. I was very close to considering that name for this 'just-in-case' list, but I think I like Alton a bit more. Altair is a really great name though.

    @mischa- Great list! Seriously, thanks for that. Half of them are ones that have been on our long list. Half of them I've never been aware of before. But I like pretty much all of them. I'm gonna have to dig in to them a little deeper when I get a chance, see if any of the new-to-me ones are as awesome as they are on my first read through them.

    @aurora- The reason Caian, Caius and Conrad aren't on this 'just-in-case' list is that I've given them ample amounts of reflection time, and they just couldn't stick around with the top 4. This 'just-in-case' list is pretty much all names I like a lot, but have not yet given as much 'simmering' time to. I find that when I put focused thought on names and let it sit for a little while, I can gain a better feel for the name, and get a better recognition about whether it's the kind of name I'll always like, or if I just think it's cool in the moment.
    And thanks for your suggestions. Caedmon is one I think I might have to let settle in a bit. The first time I heard this name I was very mediocre about it, but I'm starting to understand that's it's actually an awesome name.

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    These are all gorgeous and magical, but I do think some of them are a bit too fantasy-esque.

    Halston (sounds and structure similar to many surnames which are popular now)
    Cyril (I would say the most usable on your list, because it's most familiar to me)
    Aldous (worked for Huxley, no? though I haven't read his work, I know people who admire it)
    Ansel/Anselm (worked for Ansel Adams)
    Lionel (it would take a rather sociable boy with a big personality to pull this off though, I think)
    Alton (I know of an Aston, this isn't far off)
    Adair (maybe a bit too soft also, but so sweet!)

    Not so much:
    Osias (just reminds me of Ozymandias... kind of cool but a bit too much)
    Errol- reminds me of the words error and evil
    Amaury/Amari- very soft, one of the few boys' names I would say sounds a bit too feminine. it almost sounds like a lovely seaside town on the Mediterranean- maybe because it's similar to Amalfi? I do love it, but not sure it's usable...

    As for your top 4, I would rank them:

    1. Evander
    2. Emrys/Amias (can't decide!)
    3. Jasper
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    I love Amaury from your back-up list. It has a lovely sound.

    As for your top 4 (ranked in order):
    1. Jasper - A long time love of mine.
    2. Emrys/Evander - Great names.
    3. Amias - I prefer Amaury!

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