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Thread: Brandon

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    Not a fan of Brandon or Brenden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    I prefer Brendan to Brandon, but then again my husband's name is Brendan and I have an annoying cousin name Brandon.

    Brendan is less common, so there are some issues with my husband being called Brandon. One guy even called him Brennan! My mom still occasionally calls him Brandon. It's even more confusing at family gatherings because then there is a Brendan and a Brandon. So there's the downside to Brendan and why Brandon might be a better choice.
    Thank you for the pro for Brandon! Nathan and Keagon are also great suggestions, thank you! I love Ethan but my cousin had a baby in January and named him Ethan.
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    I like Brandon. It's not my top 10 or anything, but it's a nice name. What about Branson or Brandt?
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    I don't love Brandon either. Prefer Brendan, but even that I'd say it's a "like", not a "love".

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    I actually prefer Brandon to Brenden.. I know a bunch of little Brendan's and while they are mostly sweet kids, the name is kind of hard for me to say.. I know only one Brandon, who is in his 30s. I like how the name would work on a little guy in a sandbox and also no one would really blink to hear of an adult Brandon (Brenden seems more childish to me).

    I don't really have any suggestions for you and previous posters really have had some awesome ones for you already.. Maybe the child down the street will become a non-issue? Perhaps either you/your boyfriend or little guy's family will move. Also, if he if he is several years older than your future son, they probably won't be in school together so they wouldn't really get mixed up by teachers or friends.

    There is also the Brenden spelling...I know a few of those!
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