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    Names that make me happy right now

    I still love Emerald as a mn, and I still love Beatrice, Claire, Vivien, Zara, and Sybilla. But I've been tossing around a few new ideas. Would love your thoughts, and any suggestions you think might fit my style. I'm having baby name burnout lately and I want to like more names, y'know? Blah!

    But here are recent additions to my "ooh, I kinda like that!" list:

    Milena - Idk why. It doesn't read like my style straight away, but something about it is attractive. I like saying it.

    Wilhelmina - It's just so... I mean, it's Wilhelmina. It's badass. I like nn Mina.

    Lucilla - The Connie Nielsen (gorgeous.) character in Gladiator. I like how it's not Lucille and it's not Lucy and it's not Lucinda. It's familiar but unexpected. And - best part - you can get to the nn Lux. Oh lawdy. Love it.

    Rachel - I know, I know, it's boring. But somehow it's not? It's so normal it feels abnormal. Or maybe that's b/c I live in Nameberryland where Violet and Alice are normal and a baby named Rachel would make you go WHAAAT? There's something sweet and beautiful about Rachel. It doesn't go with Emerald, tho. Booo.

    Monica - (No relation to Rachel. Seriously.) I've always loved this name. Since I was a kid. Before Friends. Before Lewinsky. It is not stylish. But I really like it.

    Prudence - There's something vaguely witchy about this, in a very New England/Salem witch trials kind of way. It's like a Puritan girl with a secret. And then there's the Beatles song.

    Roxana - Unusual, beautiful, that wicked x in the middle, the cool meaning, the awesome history. And the sassy nn Roxy. Also: Roxana Emerald TOTALLY works.

    Love to hear yr thoughts and suggestions! Thanks a million!
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    Emerald is awesome! I'd use it as a first name, with the nickname Emmy.

    Milena is really cute; it sounds modern and slightly hispanic.

    Wilhelmina IS badass.

    Are you pronouncing Lucilla like Luchilla? Either way, it's cool.

    Rachel seems to be bouncing back, or maybe i've just met too many in the past couple months... It's cute, but yeah, a bit boring for me.

    Monica is cute, but I prefer Monique. It has a bit more umph; Monica sounds like a wallflower. Very soft, with just a bit of freshness in that hard C.

    Prudence! The first thing I thought of was Across the Universe. I like it, but I'd never use it because the first syllable is Prude...

    Roxana! I prefer Roxanne, due to my musical addiction (Moulin Rouge, Chicago). I'd at least throw in another n, to round it off a bit better; Roxanna.

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    I LOVE Roxana! I'm so happy to see it listed. I love that it has weighty history and badassness at the same time. I have a Persian friend called Roksana which, well, it rocks! I'm really warming up to name]Wilhelmina[/name], love nn Minnie and also nn Billie would work well. Milena qnd Lucilla are lovely and fit the best with your list. I'll try and come up with so more later, but am on an annoying android tablet right now and a list would take forever to type!

    Good to see you MrsH, i haven't seen you in the girls forum for a while. Hope you're well :-)
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    Emerald - I like this underused gem name, too.

    Milena - I think a little of three things when I hear/see this name: President's daughter, Mila Kunis, and Water for Elephants (Marlena) I know the aren't exact, but they are my (positive) associations.

    Wilhelmina - I've had an affection for this name since reading Dracula. I can't decide now if Minnie or Billie is my favorite nn!

    Lucilla - please post how you pronounce this! The double L could turn it back into Lucia, so I would spell it Lucila.

    Rachel - it is a bit unexpected these days, so it does have an element of freshness.

    Monica - I've been crushing on names like this lately: Ramona, Bianca, Semona, Fiona... you've just added another for me to ponder!

    Prudence - I see what you mean about a Puritan girl with a secret, maybe an imprudent one. Pru seems to be the nn of choice when this is suggested, but I like Prudie/y. Overall seems like a better character or pet name than a little girl, but that is my opinion.

    Roxana - do you say this like Rox-anna or Rox-ahna? I know X is popular but I prefer the -KS- in Roksana and Maksim, for example.

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    I really like Milena. It seems so warm and happy. It's on my longer list because I can't get the fiancé on board. I get excited when other people like it.
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