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    pronouncing Noemi

    Hi berries,

    I have been liking Noemi lately, but realized that I might be saying it wrong. From what I've found, I'm seeing conflicting information about it's origins that are throwing me off a bit. Is it French (as it's on several lists of French names), Spanish AND Italian as suggested by the name's page? Does it differ if the "I" has an accent?

    Is it two syllables or three? Said no-MI, NO-mi, No-eh-mi, no-AY-mi, or something else? If you have a source for your pronunciation, can you please share real life examples or a link?

    Thanks so much!

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    Noémie is the French spelling I thought?


    I've heard no-mi only as a nickname.

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    My apartment manager is named Noemi, she pronounces it no-emmy.

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    In Spanish it has an accent on the I and is three syllables. No-eh-MEE. I speak Spanish and teach Spanish so that is my "source" for that This is what I mean.

    It's one of my favorite names!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Noémie is the French variation, yes. Said noh-AY-mee, if I'm remembering correctly. French classes seem like a decade ago, haha. And Noemí is the Spanish spelling. I've never really come across it in Italian, I really wouldn't know about that one.

    Good luck!
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