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    A brother and sister for Evangeline?

    We're expecting twins- a boy and a girl (in fact they are due in a week). We have a daughter named Evangeline Claire and it's a family tradition to have matching sibling names (ie names that start with the same letter/end with the same sound etc), so we're looking for names that start with the letter 'E'.

    So far we have Ella, Emma, Elijah and Ethan. Which ones would you use, and what other suggestions do you have?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Sorry I find this post difficult to digest. You are due in 7 days-having twins and you have a family tradition of theming your children and you have just opened an account today....?

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    For a girl you could go for Etta or Emmerson.
    For a boy there's Emmett or Eric.

    Good luck with your babies!

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    For a boy, Ezekial or Edmond.

    For a girl, Eloise or Emmeline.
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    I really like Ella, Elijah, and Ethan. Here are some others

    Boys Evan, Eli, Everett, Elliott, Emery,

    Girls Elodie, Elowen, Emily, Esme,

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