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    I think about this often and it really makes me nervous because I have loved names since I was little and I have put a lot of thought in my combos. The thought of my SO not liking any of my names is really stressful and something I don't want to imagine. However, my naming style has changed drastically in the last year or two. I used to be so close minded when it comes to names but recently I've been keeping an open mind. I've practically redone my whole list and I'm so open to names I never gave a second thought to.

    One thing I will not compromise is the middle name Jane for a girl. That was my grandmother's name and she passed away in 2009. We were really close and I want to honor her by using Jane as a middle name. So that will definitely happen. However, my other girls names are kind of up for grabs right now. I have some combos I really liked, but I'm in the process of redoing my girls list. There are way more girl names that I don't like versus boy names for various reasons and I hope I can come up with a balance with my future SO.

    Boy names are a different story though. I have a lot more boy names that I like. A few are GP like River, Castiel and Denver. The chances of my SO liking those names are probably pretty slim, but that's okay. I wouldn't mind letting go of those. I really love Augustus and Finnick though and I will put up a fight for those for sure.

    My current BF and I had a little discussion about names a few month ago and I discovered that we definitely 100% DO NOT have similar tastes. He really loves Hispanic sounding names like Enrique, Hugo, Lorenzo, Alonzo, Esperanza, Guadalupe, etc. and I, well I wouldn't say I dislike those names, but I'm not Hispanic and I just don't have a connection to those names like he does (he's half Mexican) and I would never use them. I was determined to find a name we both loved though just to see if it could be done and we found Elena. Not gonna lie, but I love it because of Elena from The Vampire Diaries (he doesn't know that though hehe). He loves it because it's hispanic. We came up with the middle name Michele after my best friend who passed away and it also happens to be his mom's middle name so it was perfect. I made him promise though to NEVER use Elena Michele with anyone else and he made me do the same lol. So I can only use that combo if I have a child with him. Doubtful though.
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    Been married since 2010. He threw out a lot of my favourite names and I threw out a number of his.

    At the moment he's banging on about how much he loves the name Sebastian for a boy. Which has never been a big favourite of mine, in fact I used to really dislike it, but it's not ugly/kreative and it does sound good with our last name and if he LOVES it I guess I could consider it. I never pictured myself having a Sebastian but its not the sort of name that makes me wonder what's wrong with the parents.

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    I gave up Jody as a nn for Joseph because bf was a Marine ('Jody' is the guy who steals the Marine's girl). He's my ex now so Jody's back on my list!

    I'll allow filler fn's for my boy names if future partner finds them too girly. Ex) William Ashley, Isaiah Greer, John Arden, etc. The compromise is that we have to call him by his mn

    I'll settle for Shea as nn for James (James= Seamus)

    No compromises for my girl names. Not that I won't compromise but I just haven't thought of any. I don't have any filler fn's that I like. I know Fox will be a tough sell so I need to think of something

    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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    Here's girls, since we haven't had to really go to work on boys names yet...
    My list: Eliza, Penelope, Margot, Olivia, Mae, Marion, Josephine, Felicity, Violetta
    His list: Olivia, Fiona, Gabriella, Penelope, Ella, Addison, Emma, Lorelei, Kristin

    So our compromise list became Olivia or Penelope. Eliza/Liza was the hardest for me to give up, it's been my favorite for years, but it was clear he was not going to get on board with that one and that matters more. Olivia is most likely going to win out because it's easier for his family to pronounce and his absolute favorite. In the future, I'd be willing to warm up to Gabriella (possibly with the nn Bree). Marion and Margot got pretty much axed from my list and Addison and Kristin are gone from his.
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    We don't have any compromise names really...there have been ones I really liked that he said no too though. Oddly enough I can't recall them for the life of me...I know he said no to Phillip, and Patrick as a middle.
    Matthew is a huge no no, which saddened be at first, but then I found Nathaniel and I don't care anymore. lol

    There are names I refuse to budge on for anyone though: Alessandra and Kol are two of them.

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