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    Knowing my SO likes or loves a name actually tends to make it grow on me...provided it has the qualities I'm looking for in a name (mostly, for me, this just means it's at least relatively uncommon; names he likes are usually names he's familiar with, so he tends conservative). I don't think I'd like Cormac, Malcolm, Rory, and Ramona half as much as I do if he didn't also like them; I was not sold on Ramona as recently as about a month ago, but when he very earnestly told me a) that he liked it, b) just how much he liked it, and c) why he liked it, I came around on it with record speed. I recently threw Rory at him as an "I guess I could live with this" name after I'd exhausted my boys' list (including names I just sort of liked & names I thought would be too "weird" for him) and he'd only given me a firm "yes" on two of them. Then he sent me an email that said only "Rory is a cute name "...and now I totally dig Rory. So I guess our compromise process takes the form of arriving at a mutual love of a name more than it takes actual sacrificial compromise, which I am totally okay with.

    Middle names,'s too early to say, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had to let some favorite combos go. Here are some names I'd be willing to offer as compromises (since I've run them by him and he hasn't outright rejected them OR he has said he likes the name and I'm no more than lukewarm on it):


    it's name-o'clock somewhere

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    For me, it's hard to think of what I'd compromise on since I don't know what I'm being offered instead. I've had name discussions with my current SO and our styles really match up, even if the names themselves aren't exactly one-for-one. I don't think we'd have too big of an issue finding something we both love equally if we didn't love each others' #1 picks.

    I love Edmund & Marius, he loves "badass Greek & Roman mythology names" and classic French names. Pretty sure things'll work out for boys, at least.

    For a girl… I'm not quite sure. He has his #1-all-time-fave name that he said he will absolutely name a daughter. I *like* that name, and I'd agree to it, but I'm not passionate about it (even though I mention it and suggest it often).

    I'm definitely open to compromise, and am expecting it. I realized years ago that all this effort I put in to making combos and sibsets isn't going to matter when the guy I marry says, "No freekin way," so I put myself in a more realistic headspace.

    I'm fairly confident that if my SO gave me a list of 10 names he likes/ loves/ wants to use, I'd find at least a couple I'd be pumped to use.
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    Interesting topic, I'd be ok with:
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    I've actually been thinking a lot about this (though I try to tell myself that my future SO obviously is gonna love my favourite names because I like the most beautiful names in the world, why wouldn't he like them ), and I do have compromise names, but I just don't like them as I like the *real* names. Also I think I might have a potential problem in that the only names I'm willing to let go are middle names ... like with Amaury Philip Theo - the only name that I can live without is Philip, and with Anna Ingrid Alexandra, I'm only willing to swap Alexandra.

    Also, I don't have a list of compromise names in general, I have one for each name. Being a name nerd is hard
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    My top name choices are in my signature.

    We have just started talking about names last week, but here are some of the names my hubby likes, that I would be willing to use if all else fails.

    Magnus (Magnus is in my signature but I consider it a compromise because there are other names I love more)

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