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    Question Third trimester already?! This boy needs a name!

    Ok, berries, I need help. I am a first time poster here. We are expecting our fist kiddo July 1st and he needs a name. Actually, I am trying to come up with a group of names I like as potentials for my first and also for later sibs (We plan to have 4 or 5). Our last name sounds like "deer." Our kids will most likely be smallish-average height, thin with dark hair and brown or green eyes. I expect they will be intelligent (ok, nerdy), strong-willed, and love animals and the outdoors if they are anything like Mom and Dad!
    Girls' names are pretty much set--Margaret Lily (she would go by Maggie, as Margaret is my mom's name), Ruby Genevieve, Mary Kate, and maybe Audra/Autumn Seraphina.
    I am having such a tough time with boys' names, though. We are looking for something traditional and masculine, somewhat unusual but still recognizable and easy to spell and pronounce. My husband is not too strongly opinionated on names, although we agree on the basics and absolutely do not want trendy, unisex, or made-up names. Our families have pretty traditional naming tastes, and the in-laws in particular do NOT hold back with their comments on our choices. I know this is my child, but I want him to fit in with the family in every way, and that may mean a little compromise.
    Family names are not necessary, but would be nice to work in as middle names: Bernard, Emory, Carl, Augustus, Michael, David...We are also Catholic, so saint's names and biblical names are always a bonus. So far, our front-runners are:
    Simon Carl
    Levi Augustus
    Asher Michael--husband isn't sold on Asher, maybe a little feminine for us

    Some names I like, but am hesitant to use are:
    Foster--I ADORE this name, but most people think it's weird and associate it with foster care. Also, I with the surnames-as-first-names trend going strong...
    Nash--some of the same concerns as with Foster, also not great with our 1-syllable last name
    Silas--I have always liked it, but I think Simon is just more down-to-earth
    Vincent--like nn Vin, but NOT Vinny, which I think is unavoidable. Also for some reason strikes me as a "bad guy" name
    Shane, Brian, Trevor, Grant--all good names, but dated
    Jet, Flint, Asa--a little edgier, maybe trying too hard to stand out?

    So...opinions? Suggestions?

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    I am due the beginning of July, too I don't know what I'm having, but the boy's name has me very stumped. Anyway, I like Levi Augustus the best by far from your list. It's a really great name. I particularly like the 2-3-1 syllable flow. In distant 2nd place would be Simon Asher or Simon Foster. Good luck!
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    First off, I love your girl names! Totally adorable but not too little girl-ish... As for the boys my favorite name on your list is Foster with Nash coming in second. I dont think of foster care at all and those dont screm surname to me like some other trendy names do currently. They just seem like great names that arent weird but also are not very popular. Off of your top three list I like Levi (its a favorite of mine), however it is a fairly common name so you just have to decide if that bothers you or not. With Vincent, I would say that if you dont like the nickname Vinny then dont use that. Vinny was the very first thing that popped into my mind when I read that name and then I went on to read your comment. So my vote is definitely for Foster!

    Congrats and good luck with everything!

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    I don't see Asher as being feminine at all. I love it. Did you watch Spartacus by any chance? The character there was a gladiator, had a silver tongue, and was fairly wicked. To me it just seems burly and clever.
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