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    I know a couple of boys & girls named Teagan. It's 100% a unisex name & it sounds adorable on both. People out there are naming their daughters Bentley, Logan, etc. I tell everyone that most names are unisex these days. If you love it, use it. My son's name is actually Keagan. When I was younger I'd only pictured a boy named that, then in college I met a guy with a daughter named Keegan. I forgot all about the name & his daughter while looking for names, then fell in love with it again when I came across it. The only thing that made me think twice was remembering that I had heard it for a girl... but when I looked it up online it was for both & mostly used for boys. It is hard trying to use a unisex name, you want people to know it's a BOY, not play the guessing game. Give him a masculine middle name. A friend of mine just recently named her daughter Karsen Lee, it's cute, but if we didn't know she was having a girl we would've assumed it was a boy because of the first & middle name... she should've definitely used a more feminine middle name.

    Other names we considered were; Brogan, Taedon, Brekkin & Kason

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