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    I know a couple of boys & girls named Teagan. It's 100% a unisex name & it sounds adorable on both. People out there are naming their daughters Bentley, Logan, etc. I tell everyone that most names are unisex these days. If you love it, use it. My son's name is actually Keagan. When I was younger I'd only pictured a boy named that, then in college I met a guy with a daughter named Keegan. I forgot all about the name & his daughter while looking for names, then fell in love with it again when I came across it. The only thing that made me think twice was remembering that I had heard it for a girl... but when I looked it up online it was for both & mostly used for boys. It is hard trying to use a unisex name, you want people to know it's a BOY, not play the guessing game. Give him a masculine middle name. A friend of mine just recently named her daughter Karsen Lee, it's cute, but if we didn't know she was having a girl we would've assumed it was a boy because of the first & middle name... she should've definitely used a more feminine middle name.

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    At first glance I think of Teagan as a boy name, it doesn't seem feminine to me at all. Though I do prefer Teague.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphabetdem View Post
    Even though it's more commonly used on girls, I don't think it's so girly that it can't be used on boys. This is the opposite conversation we're always having about boys' names on girls and how they don't go the other way. I say, buck the trend. This is a name I don't think people would think you're crazy for, even though more girls have it. It's in the 200s range for girls, but it's been in the 600-700 range for boys for the last few years. If you're really in love with it, don't be dissuaded by fears of femininity. It's still used on boys.
    I agree with Alphabetdem. It is a unisex name, and it doesn't have a feminine sound.
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