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    Baby needs a name!!

    Hello! We're expecting in July but keeping the gender unknown. DH and I like classic names that hold substance and weight. The middle name will be either Joseph or Scott after family. Here's some we like so far: Benjamin, Nathan, William, Charles. What do you think? Have any names to add to our list? Also, please give us your feedback on our girls ideas!

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    Benjamin, Nathan, William, and Charles are all great choices! Very strong, masculine, and traditional.
    Have you considered?

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    I love Nathan Scott!! I think that's classic but not too plain or boring.. I also really like classic, strong names!

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    Have you considered Nathaniel instead of Nathan? I think it's a fabulous name. I also like your choices of Charles & Benjamin. Lots of possible nicknames. Just be sure you like them all because many times folks use nicknames whether you want them to or not

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    Great list! My favorite combos are Benjamin Scott and William Scott. What about Henry or Samuel?
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